The Burda Style book

From the site:

We at BurdaStyle are thrilled to announce the creation of our first ever book! Extending our community and mission offline, the BurdaStyle book will be a reflection of our creative international community. The BurdaStyle book will bring our community and ethos to new frontiers!


The book seeks to further engage, share, and expand the BurdaStyle community, as described by Nora a co-founder of BurdaStyle, “The book is a true manifestation of the global creativity of the BurdaStyle community. With the pattern making expertise of Burda, we’re thrilled to offer even more inspiration from and for BurdaStyle users..”

The book aims to be a combination of coffee table book and creative outlet. The pages will inspire and incite readers to push their sewing skills and continue creating! Much like the BurdaStyle online community, the book will be a comprehensive sewing resource, featuring fantastic, easy-to-understand projects, sewing creations made be talented members, an extensive glossary of key sewing terms and much more. The book’s publication, set for 2011, releases five brand new BurdaStyle patterns designed by a creative director, Alison Dahl Kelly (Dahl by Kelly, Project Runway). The patterns enclosed will be high quality Burda patterns, with the fitting accuracy of over 60 years of experience. The concept of the book focuses on variations by made a select group of international community members and designers.

“Stay tuned – we’re still looking for participants that can share tips, ideas, and inspiration. Our goal is to include as many members as possible.”

Each of the five patterns will feature steps to replicate the featured variations, as well as images of other interpretations to serve as further inspiration. Like, readers can create their own versions to share or sell!





Choose your skirt, choose your stile…! Visit the H&M “fashion studio”!!!

Have you ever visited the H&M site?


The best part of the site is called Fashion Studio, and it’s a tool that helps you styling your look using a very wide range of items from the collection. What I like is that it’s not the usual “upload your photo” tool, you just see how the model looks like. Also, it’s a good lesson for fast fashion, very much in line with H&M as a brand to have a styling tool available to mix and match the collection.

What I don’t like is the fact that there is no ecommerce attached. The Fashion Studio does a great job in building purchase desire, and then it leaves you disappointed. And you know that it isn’t really easy to find the items you want in the closest H&M store…

Here is how it works:

      1. Click either women or men fashion.

      2. Choose from 10 possible models (see picture).

     3. Choose from more than 300 styling items from the latest collections!

     4. Combine to find your perfect outfits or create something totally crazy!

     5. Best function: Layering is possible! Choose “wear over/under skirt” etc.

     6. Save or start over again until you are contend.

     7. Share your ideas and looks!

Types of skirts

What kind of skirt is right for you? That depends, of course, on what you’re looking for. Some factors which you will want to take into consideration include the kind of skirt, the colors and details of the skirt, its size and measurements, and the price.

A-line skirts


 At first the name might sound a bit confusing, but once you know what it is, it’s easy to remember. An a line skirt is usually about knee-length and flares out slightly, to resemble the letter A (wider at the bottom than at the top.) These skirts are flattering on many different body types and quite versatile, as they can be either casual or dressy.


Full skirts


As the name implies, these skirts are long – usually floor length, but sometimes ankle length – and roomy. Full skirts are especially good for fall and cool winter days, and many people consider them the most comfortable variety of skirt. Make sure, however, that your skirt isn’t too long for you to walk in.




 Love them or hate them, miniskirts are here to stay. As the name implies, these skirts are short – generally speaking, shorter than knee length. Some skirts, often called micro minis, are even shorter. These skirts are almost always casual. When wearing miniskirts, be careful; you’ll want to make sure your shirt isn’t too low cut so the outfit does not look tacky. Keep in mind, too, that miniskirts are inappropriate for several environments, such as the workplace or highly formal events.


Pencil skirts


These skirts are more formal than some of the other types. They are usually knee-length or slightly shorter and are extremely close fitting around the hips and thighs. Pencil skirts are often worn with suits or jackets.


Wrap skirts


As the name implies, this kind of skirt wraps around itself and usually stays on with a knot tied somewhere in the fabric. Wrap skirts, often made of cotton and usually casual, are a nice offbeat option. Just make sure to tie them tight enough.

Jeans skirts

These aren’t a separate category, exactly, but are worth a separate mention. As the name implies, jeans skirts are made from denim and, as with jeans, are usually casual. You can find them in just as many kinds of denim as jeans. Some jean skirts are embellished with rhinestones, embroidery, or other accents.



Color, Pattern, and Detail


 You can find skirts in any color imaginable. Once again, this depends on personal preferences. Skirts in neutral colors such as white, black, gray or brown are classics particularly suited to the workplace or any other place where you want to look professional and polished. Skirts in bright colors are eye popping and sure to get attention. Patterned or printed skirts are also quite popular. In particular, look for floral prints, stripes, polka dots, geometric designs, or paisley. These, of course, are not the only patterns you can find for skirts. If you can imagine it, you can probably find it somewhere on the market.

Colors and prints aren’t the only things that set skirts apart. Just like any other item of clothing, there are lots of different details you can find on them. Here are just a few examples.


Pleated Skirts

Pleats can be found on many different kind of skirts, from miniskirts to longer career skirts. Some may be completely pleated, while others might have just a few small pleats at the bottom.

Tiered Skirts

Tiered skirts are an appealing casual option. While the kind of tiered skirt you’re probably most familiar with is the tiered full skirt, also known as a prairie skirt, you can find tiered knee length skirts and even miniskirts as well. Tiers help add shape to skirts, creating an attractive silhouette.

The right skirt for you

When selecting a short skirt, remember that when you sit down your skirt shortens three inches. Therefore, a skirt that stops around the knee is appropriate for the office. To pinpoint the exact length on you that is both flattering as well as professional, stand up and make a circle with your two thumbs and index fingers and locate it around your kneecap. Any length at the circle, inside the circle or lower than the circle is appropriate. A hemline that is higher than the circle is probably too short and will draw people’s attention to your legs instead of to your face where powerful eye contact occurs.

When wearing short skirts, combining them with matching stockings in semi-opaque styles gives you a more professional look; sheer skin-colored and patterned hose draw undue attention to the legs. If your legs are not an asset and short skirts do not appeal to you, you can minimize attention there by wearing longer, flowing hemlines with matching hosiery. Taller women look great in longer lengths if the skirts are not too bulky. Very full, long swirling skirts are too social or casual for the office. If you like this style, try one cut on the bias which will give you the movement without excess volume. Long pleated or semi-pleated skirts are a better option. When selecting a long, narrow skirt, walk around the store and experience how comfortable it is. One of the latest trends is a long skirt with a slit. The height of the slit should be measured the same as you do the short skirt since once you sit down, that is how high your skirt will open. :the premiere online destination for do-it-yourself fashion…!

Burda Style (formerly: Burda Moden, Burda World of Fashion) is a fashion magazine published in 16 different languages and in over 89 countries by Hubert Burda Media. Today Hubert Burda Media publishes over 250 magazines worldwide with almost 70 titles in its German home market. The portfolio ranges from women, fashion and entertainment (Burda Moden, InStyle, ELLE), news, men and lifestyle (FOCUS, Max, Playboy), food and living,  to consumer technology. Each issue of Burda Fashion contains patterns for each design in the issue.

As most brands have been trying to figure out how to fit into the spaces of social media,  Burda began innovating since 2007 by building a social networking platform around its brand.

BurdaStyle caters to domestic sewers and fashion hobbyists by providing a platform to share and exchange ideas about sewing projects. Members can upload images of completed projects and give other network members advice, as well as share patterns and instructions.

Burda started out 60 years ago as a publication  and pattern maker catering to domestic crafters and sewers. Based on providing sewing tips, projects and patterns,  the publication aged and styles started losing steam as time went by.

As a means to rejuvenate the craft of sewing to a different generation, Burda began researching how to cater to a new audience. With the coming of age of the ‘domestic designer’, websites such as Etsy, Craftster and Ravelry were a reflection of the kind of interest and market potential that existed for the Burda brand.

“We began looking at the behaviors of crafters and makers and revealed that they spend a lot of time alone and have no outlet of reaching out to other sewing enthusiasts for advice” said Nora Abousteit the Founder of the BurdaStyle. With this in mind, the idea to develop a destination catering to sewers and makers blossomed, and Burda began working on a place where sewers could share projects, tips, advice and gain knowledge within the world of sewing.

To add value to the network, Burda removed the copyright to the company’s patterns, which allowed an open source-sewing platform.  This means that members have access to download free patterns for projects highlighted on the site. By being open source, Burda encourages members to take and alter the patterns and share them back with other members. By encouraging this sort of user generated content, the network holds real value as its an abundant resource that keeps members engaged.

Now 340,000 members strong and attracting a global audience, the site connects independent designers and democratizes fashion for all.

“ The member and participation model for BurdaStyle has grown very organically,  we never concerned ourselves over impressions but focused on targeting and attracting passionate users as a means to guarantee devotees to the site. We knew that it was the quality of users that would make BurdaStyle a success it is today,” said  Nora Abousteit.

Burda recognized that if it was going to become culturally relevant it needed to connect with the type of users who were already innovating themselves within crafting and sewing spaces.

BurdaStyle began strategic outreach to crafting bloggers, as even the emerging, pre-2007 bloggers (who are now power users on BurdaStyle) still provided a sounding board for the network and gave input from site function ability to crafting trends.

As the network gains growth, BurdaStyle is starting the next phase of optimizing the network for revenues. Because of the initial strategic approach in attracting passionate sewing enthusiasts, each of these members is a strong candidate in being a potential customer for notions brands.

BurdaStyle is starting to work with other sewing and notions brands in providing a platform for ‘conversational advertising’ . What this means is that rather than just selling ad space on the network, BurdaStyle is creating initiatives for brands to directly speak to the network members. Whether it is creating contests, being an advisory board for more novice sewers or sponsoring projects, notions brands getting involved with BurdaStyle have the ability to create lasting word of mouth engagement.